Building an Author Platform

finding readers for your books | taught by Jamie Dierks
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Course description

Author Platform Course Description

You've got a book written, or maybe not written yet, but you're on your way. You need to get your pen name out there to the masses, so when your book (or books) release, you have a built in audience. I'll explain who to gain an audience before your book is even released.

What You'll Get From This Course:

  • You'll learn everything from how to pick a pen name to dominating social media in only a few hours a week.
  • Once you've finished this course, you'll have a platform, and know how to be a presence on social media without spending hours a day posting. You'll know what it takes to get readers to your books before you even have books published.
  • You'll learn how important newsletter subscribers are, and what options you have for an email newsletter service.
  • I'l show you how to streamline the process so you still have time to write.

Jamie  Dierks
Jamie Dierks
USA Today Bestselling Author

Jamie Dierks writes mysteries under the pen name Jamie Lee Scott. She's written 13 mysteries that are currently published and seven that will release in the next 12-18 months. She's the USA Today bestselling author of the Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries. She's living proof that if you want to do it bad enough, you'll find the time to write your novels.

After being asked to help dozens of aspiring authors build their platform, and learn how to write a good book, Jamie decided that teaching an online class would be the best way forward. This way she's not repeating the information over and over, and aspiring writers can find all of the information in one place.

You are welcome to contact me any time. I can't promise a quick response if I'm on deadline for a new book release, but I check my email every day.

Course Curriculum

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Getting Started With a Name
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Getting Started on Social Media
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Putting It All Together
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